Providing roofing and waterproofing inspection and consulting services to the Lower Mainland since 1994

Cal Weldon Consulting LTD.


Roof Condition Surveys

We will access all areas necessary to review the existing condition of membranes, accessories, metalwork, penetrations, sealants, drainage, ventilation, interfacings and other details integral to the operation of your roof. We then provide a report of our findings and recommendations of repairs and/or improvements as well as projected life expectancy. The report includes annotated photographs for ease of identification.

Design and Specification

We review existing documentation such as architectural drawings, details and other site-specific resources. When the project is a re-roof, we also review the existing on-site conditions to gain information needed to compile a complete and detailed Specification. Our Specifications are made available to the client for review before going to tender. Our specifications follow the National Master Specification (NMS) format.


We research Contractor qualifications and availability before invitations are extended. We will meet with Contractors on site and provide the Specification, addenda and any other information required by the Contractors to ensure a complete and accurate preparation of their bids. We will present to the Client our recommendations when the Tenders are received.

Roofing and Waterproofing Inspections

We verify materials and on-site conditions before the project begins. We review the Specification with the on-site foreman to ensure full comprehension of the requirements. After conducting an inspection, we provide an immediate written report to the Contractor, outlined work conducted and any remedial work required. This inspection form is signed by the foreman.

Our inspections are conducted randomly and are unannounced. The number of inspections will exceed the requirements of the Roofing Guarantee Corporation. [RCABC - RGC]

Contract Management

We prepare the contract utilizing the latest version of the CCDC-2 Stipulated Price Contract to define the relationship between the Owner, the Contractor and the Consultant, for the purposes of executing the roofing or waterproofing work. We will review the Contractor’s requests for payment draws based on the progress of the re-roofing project. We will provide to the Owner, Certificates for Payment based on our review of the documents submitted by the Roofing Contractor.


We provide advice on roofing and waterproofing. We provide solutions to meet requirements such as budget, resources and longevity.

Litigation Support

We have provided expert witness service in the Province of British Columbia in the field of roofing.